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Attracting and conserving talent for renewables in 2022


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Renewables are advancing at full speed. Europe is a hotbed of innovative clean energy concepts and large-scale projects, from wind farms and solar parks to biomass and wave energy.

Initiatives with a forward-thinking mindset, such as the Renewables Grid Initiative, are accelerating the sector’s development.

Three-fifths of the EU’s energy is now derived from renewable sources, a significant increase from 2000 when renewables accounted for only 12 per cent. Renewable energy has recently replaced coal as Germany’s primary source of electricity for the first time.

What steps can renewable energy companies take to retain and recruit employees?


In the GETI survey, 56% of respondents from the renewables industry stated that improved training would aid in addressing the impending skills shortage and retaining existing talent. Training programs aid in outlining clear career paths and boosting motivation, with 48.5% of the renewables industry stating that this will assist with any talent challenges.

Vocational training

Apprenticeships are more popular than ever. They provides productivity-enhancing and opportunity-creating benefits to both employees and employers. These offer an alternate entryway into the industry and the chance to recruit younger talent. Additionally, introducing STEM subjects earlier in training will not only encourage talent to enter the sector, but will also help those already working in the sector to advance.


Despite recent efforts to recruit more women into the energy industry, it remains one of the most minor gender-diverse industries in the EU economy. Consequently, diversifying the workforce will be essential to addressing the impending skills gap. This emphasis will produce a more diverse industry and encourage those already in it to continue their careers and advance. 

To meet the European government’s environmental goals, the ‘Global Green Economy’ will create 18 million new jobs by 2030. The industry must collaborate to tap into an untapped talent to ensure a strong pipeline and ultimately achieve the continent’s objectives.

The European Union has recently offered 750 million euros for infrastructure projects involving clean energy across the continent. This is an important step toward the 2030 climate and energy goals.

On the surface, it appears to be a prosperous year for the renewable energy industry and its employees. The Global Energy Talent Index 2019 revealed that most renewables professionals have received pay raises and anticipate further increases. In addition, most respondents indicated they would re-enter the sector if given a chance, showing that renewables can attract talent from other industries despite a skills shortage. Quite the contrary. The sector’s talent will need to keep pace with its expansion.

In 2018, only 43% of renewables professionals were open to switching industries. In 2019, 77% were open to moving away from renewables, with power and oil and gas being the most popular alternatives. In addition, 46% of industry professionals are concerned about an impending talent shortage.

Consequently, despite all its strengths, the sector faces a new and significant challenge in retaining talent.

Why choose Soundlines as your Global HR Solutions partner?

Soundlines is a global provider of workforce solutions to the energy, process, and construction sectors. Soundlines is backed by over 20 years of experience serving the energy industry and providing staffing solutions and recruitment services to some of the world’s largest corporations. 

We do serve for a variety of industries, such as oil and gas, construction, renewables, hotels, power, fabrication, and more. 

Undoubtedly, international recruitment allows employers to address the current labor shortage. Reputed overseas workforce recruitment company like Soundlines will aid mega overseas worker recruitments from screening to immigration and further integration. 

The following industries have been served by Soundlines throughout the Middle East, Far East, Europe and Africa for the past two decades:

  • Manpower for construction projects

Soundlines has served building construction projects in the Middle East and Europe for over two decades by recruiting professional labourers, machine operators, scaffolders, electricians, and equipment repairmen, among many other professions.

  • Construction of Highways

We are professionals in staffing initiatives for road construction. We have aided businesses in the international recruitment of professional labourers, drivers, and machine operators for global road-building projects.

  • Oil & Gas

We assist Oil & Gas companies in recruiting qualified candidates from all over the world. We have assisted O&G firms in recruiting thousands of entry-level and mid-level employees.

  • Facility Administration

Regardless of the size of the facility management personnel requirements, we are capable of meeting them. On a permanent, temporary, or contractual basis, we assist organisations worldwide in locating the right talent.

  • Security

Security is currently one of the most pressing concerns, so we assist organisations with international candidate recruitment. Our recruitment portfolio for the security industry includes watchmen, security guards, etc.MEP (MECHANICAL, ELECTRICAL, AND PLUMBING) 

Over the past two decades, we have supported businesses in recruiting thousands of qualified candidates for entry-level and supervisory roles in the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing departments.

  • Hospitality

In the middle east, we have screened and recruited the top candidates for years, including butchers,  QSR service staff, multi-cuisine chefs, delivery crew, baristas, and many more industry professionals.

Wish to know how human resource outsourcing with Soundlines can benefit your company? Click here to schedule a call back from one of our overseas manpower experts. 


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