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Common Misconceptions Regarding Staffing Agencies and How to Begin Working with Them?

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In today’s increasingly globalized job market, businesses constantly seek ways to tap into the wealth of international talent to stay competitive and innovative. One invaluable resource in this endeavor is the international hiring agency. These agencies specialize in connecting employers with the suitable candidates worldwide, making finding skilled talent smoother and more efficient.

However, despite their vital role, international hiring agencies are not exempt from misconceptions and myths. These misconceptions often stem from a lack of understanding about how these agencies operate, their goals, and their contributions to the global workforce. In this blog, we embark on a journey to debunk some of the most common misconceptions surrounding international hiring agencies.

  1. Excessively Expensive

The belief that employing a recruiting agency is too costly to be worthwhile constitutes one of the more pervasive, albeit false, misconceptions. Why pay additional fees for recruiting when you can employ someone yourself? Utilizing a staffing agency could save your business more money in the long term, even if you believe you are saving money initially.

“Many companies only consider the agency’s fees when determining the cost but fail to recognize the worth and benefits they can provide,” Rowles said. “The time it takes to fill a position affects how much a corporation will have to pay for an open seat. Due to productivity loss and resource diversion, the more time a position remains unfilled, the greater the cost. Working with a recruiting agency can shorten the hiring process and reduce productivity losses.

  1. Lower Applicant Quality

Some employers may assume that employees from staffing agencies are only accessible because they could not find employment elsewhere. Brustein stated that this is not always the case; contingent workers are frequently overqualified for their positions.

“These workers choose temporary employment because they value flexibility, are pursuing a career change, or simply desire a major career shift, and temporary positions are often easier to obtain initially than permanent ones,” he explained. MBAs frequently perform entry-level temporary employment as it helps them better understand company operations at the ground level.

How does one begin employment with a recruiting agency?

Prepared to employ a staffing agency? Here is professional guidance on how to initiate the relationship.

  1. Find the Appropriate Firm.

Before you can count on a staffing agency to locate quality employees, you must select the correct firm for your organisation. Leverant emphasised the significance of choosing a company with an impeccable reputation for adhering to ethical business practices.

“Make sure the business you’re working with is reputable and values the personnel it sends,” he advised. This includes but is not limited to, conducting reference checks and ensuring that their staff members have all appropriate credentials verified. You must also ensure they have the appropriate insurance coverage, including general responsibility and workers’ compensation.

As in all business interactions, a staffing agency must provide you with value for your investment to be worthwhile.

“Sit down and speak to a staffing agency and see if they can add value to your organization,” Rowles advised.” “As a small business, the importance of each employee and the costs associated with recruitment are magnified, so… find an organization that treats [your organization] as a business partner, not a client.”

Similarly, if you choose an on-demand hiring platform rather than a traditional staffing agency, you should check reviews and ensure that other company executives and staff members have vetted the site before signing up or making any payments.

  1. Be specific in your requirements.

Reputable staffing agencies want to assist you in finding the best employees for your organization. Still, they won’t be able to do so if you don’t communicate explicitly and comprehensively about your business, position, and the type of candidate you seek. Specify any business rules (dress code, hours, breaks, etc.) to give the recruiting agency representative a sense of your company’s culture and the type of professional who would be successful there.

Once you have precisely outlined your requirements, inform the recruiter so they can begin their investigation. If your requirements and preferences alter at any point, inform the agency so they can modify their search accordingly.

  1. Check the legal requirements.

Check that work legal details, such as classification of employees and payroll taxes, are taken care of, depending on the positions that a staffing agency is assisting you to fill. Leverant noted that for temporary and temp-to-hire positions, the employment company is considered to be the employer for tax purposes, so they ought to verify that the staff members you use are employees and not freelancers.

“Additionally, you should review the agreements to ensure that indemnification provisions are in place, preferably a ‘dual indemnification’ clause that protects both sides from potential issues,” Leverant advised.

  1. Maintain a positive rapport.

Once you’ve identified a staffing agency that provides excellent service and qualified employees, persist with it and provide feedback. Discussing the performance of new hires with your agency’s representative can aid you and your company in future talent searches.

Brustein added, “Whether you utilise on-demand staffing solutions for uncertain needs or conventional staffing solutions for expected needs, you should always utilise staffing agencies that have proven their dependability so you can concentrate on growing your business.”

How much reliance should be placed on a recruiting agency?

Whether you should rely solely on a staffing company in your recruiting process depends on the demands of your business, the importance of filling the position, and your budget. While certain firms offer full-cycle recruitment assistance from the initial job description to the new employee’s induction, you may wish to include at least a single internal vetting stage.

For instance, you can conduct an informal conversation or last interview with the candidate and their prospective direct supervisor or executive team member. This allows the candidate to pose concerns that an agency may not be able to answer, which can help to ensure that the prospective employee is an excellent cultural fit.

Some businesses use a recruiting agency purely for initial screening purposes, to sift through the enormous number of applications they receive. The companies then decide to manage everything else themselves. Others, however, rely on external firms for assistance with interview scheduling, job placement, and advertising. To get the best of both environments, businesses may maintain in-house hiring efforts in tandem with staffing agency services.

Is an employment agency the best option for your company?

Utilizing a recruiting agency can expedite the employment process, reduce the burden on current employees, provide flexibility in the types of recruits, and reduce legal risks. In addition, its services can cost up to 100 percent of an employee’s annual salary, and its candidates are less apt to be a good cultural fit.

It may be prudent to combine an agency’s efforts with extra internal screening for the optimal match. If you rely solely on a staffing agency, you should carefully evaluate your business’s needs, objectives, and budget, conduct a thorough reference and reputation check, and discuss your hiring requirements in detail.

You are ultimately responsible for determining the scope of a recruiting agency’s involvement to maximise efficiency and viability for your organization’s specific requirements.


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