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How to reduce recruiting risk for projects related to oil and gas

Nowadays, oil and gas firms are under intense pressure to create and execute effective staffing strategies for large-scale projects, which impacts everybody from project directors and HR directors to the recruiting team and line managers. The energy business is expected to have a prosperous year in 2019 as it expands on its previous strong foundations to satisfy rising demand. According to Forbes, project expenditure in the oil and gas industry will treble this year. As a result, industry rivalry is strong. At the same time, though, the international regulatory and geopolitical environment is becoming more complicated, necessitating that businesses not only hire the most talented employees but also do so in a manner that minimizes their exposure to risk.

Timelines for recruiting might be impacted by a lack of qualified candidates, which can result in hurried judgments. Hasty judgments may risk health and safety, influence compliance in areas such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, the employment of independent contractors, immigration, and taxes, and misalign pay packages, which can cause projects to go over budget or retention concerns.

Compliance is essential for minimizing the risk of an oil and gas operation.

When beginning a project in a new area, immigration and native labor regulations must be taken into consideration. Did you know, for example, that Saudi Arabia launched seven new courts dedicated to protecting workers in 2019?

According to statistics from the 2019 Global Energy Talent Index (GETI), this is only one of the factors making life tough for HR departments at energy companies. 40% of the 17,000 experts who participated in the study feel the sector is now experiencing a skills crisis, while 28% say this will occur within the next five years. In addition to the issue of personnel number and availability, noncompliance may have severe consequences for energy companies, including substantial penalties and damage to their brand. In addition, it can pose significant risks when it comes to identifying and acquiring the best talent, harm the broader recruitment and onboarding process, impede the quickness and mobility of qualified labor, make it more difficult to retain the best talent, and have an impact on nationalization and content regulations.


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