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Implementing ‘talent mapping strategy’ to penetrate global markets in 2022

international workforce recruitment

international workforce recruitment Search hunt for a skilled workforce has become more challenging than ever. The recruiting and onboarding process consumes a lot of time and cost, giving an unsatisfactory experience which makes it more challenging for businesses, but talent mapping enables a more proactive approach to recruitment.

Why is it becoming arduous for top-notch industries to attract talent?

The average hiring duration is at its all-time high. It currently takes approximately two months to hire a candidate internationally. Also, the onboarding and training periods delay the actual working period of an employee.

The unfilled positions and enormous opportunity impacts productivity leading to delayed timelines and demoralised team experience.

Sometimes the candidate selected lacks the required skills, and hiring errors can cost thousands of dollars to companies.

The following attributes make it even harder to hire:


  1. Due to the internet, the applications for a particular position are higher than earlier. This increases the chances of unqualified applicants and makes it challenging to find a potential candidate amongst the applications. Competitors using digital marketing have the advantage of luring the most qualified candidates.
  2. Internationalisation and virtual working have increased the bar among candidates with specialised skills and expectations.
  3. It is even more challenging to find the right candidate with the skill set and relevant experience in the industry.
  4. The tech companies require specific expertise, and the global competition having resources and brand value attracts talent like a magnet.

What exactly is Talent Mapping?

Talent mapping segregates talent based on position, skill set, functional area, and organisation.

The ultimate objective is to identify potential talents whose future growth is consistent with your strategic priorities.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of a talent mapping strategy?

The strengths of using a talent map include:

  1. A well-structured and sophisticated approach to locating the talent according to the needs. 
  2. Prioritising and implementing as per requirements.
  3. External brand building
  4. Gather market intelligence
  5. Reduced time of hiring
  6. Opportunities for internal moves

  These are the drawbacks:

  1. It is not appropriate for urgent, short-term hiring needs. 
  2. Expensive for hires of lower calibre.

    What is the mechanism of talent mapping?

  • Identify the specific requirements you are looking forward to in a candidate

The ideal candidate’s profile will vary based on the company’s industry, position, experience and skill sets, and salary range. Discussing all these factors beforehand will give a smooth hiring process and result in the selection of an ideal candidate. 

  • Choose the appropriate tests

Ensure that the skills test you select is specific to the particular expertise you wish to assess. You can merge tests from various categories and include them in a single evaluation.

  • Analyse the talent strategies of your competitors

One must be aware of their competitors’ actions to keep up and move forward with the curve. By interpreting the strategies of your competing firms, you can develop a more effective method for attracting and appointing top talent.

  • Shortlisting 

The most crucial task is to find the desired candidates from a random set of CVs on the desk. Find out which application fits into the requirements you have set out earlier, and then shortlist them. 

  • Interviewer
    Time is a significant factor when searching for the ideal candidate. Nothing is more disappointing than missing out on a great candidate due to a scheduling conflict that caused them to accept another offer. Hiring managers should always clear their schedules for candidates who can propel the company. Prepare the set of questions beforehand to help you analyze the candidate better.


  • On-Boarding

This is an essential final step in the strategic hiring process. After the contract is signed, ensure all necessary paperwork and that the client and candidate are in constant contact. All this takes a lot of the company’s time and cost.

Too much to do? Leave it to the international workforce recruitment company.

If hiring a workforce seems daunting, you can simplify the process by outsourcing your international staffing needs

Why do companies outsource the recruitment process?

When a company’s growth exceeds the capacity of its current infrastructure, it will typically seek to outsource its human resources (HR) operations. Or they may be preparing to enter a market in which they have never before participated.

Many businesses find that outsourcing human resources is more cost-effective than developing an in-house unit.

What are the benefits of outsourcing human resource management?

  • HR outsourcing helps businesses reduce expenses.
  • It assists in mitigating risks.
  • It provides businesses with enhanced data security.
  • It guarantees regulatory conformity.
  • It provides businesses with access to superior HR technology.

Outsourcing these responsibilities to a team of dedicated global recruitment experts who will monitor changes in various regulations and update your company’s policies and procedures can assist businesses in maintaining overseas HR compliance and avoiding potential lawsuits and reputational harm.

Soundlines, one of the most reputable overseas manpower recruitment agencies, provides clients with fully integrated international talent resourcing and HR outsourcing services. In addition, Soundlines serves both white-collar and blue-collar recruitment in a variety of industries simultaneously maintaining a localized presence and reach.


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