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Where do Payroll Services and PEOs diverge?Payroll and PEO Assistance

Payroll and PEO Assistance

With the proliferation of small businesses and start-ups, company owners continuously search for ways to increase operational profit. Most savvy company owners have chosen to contract with PEOs (Professional Employer Organizations and HR Solution providers to effectively manage expenses and operations (Payroll Service Providers).

While many business owners prefer to handle payroll processing on their own, it is always advisable to use payroll services to keep ahead of the competition. These firms provide HR services such as taxes and compliance, employee information collection, payroll calculation, and monthly paycheck distribution. When these duties are outsourced, firms are able to keep up with the speed of the market and become more productive.

What exactly does a PEO do?

A PEO functions as a “co-employer” alongside the business it is hired to assist. What does this entail? It means they share the employee’s responsibilities with the company.

These duties typically involve the hiring and onboarding processes, payroll administration, employee benefits, PTO or leave accrual, among other Human Resource-related duties. 

Essentially, a PEO serves as the company’s human resources department.

What are the advantages of utilising a PEO?

One of the greatest benefits of utilising a PEO is the increased speed with which a company can enter new geographic markets.

It can take a considerable amount of time in a new location to establish a legal entity and recruit all the necessary expertise to ensure compliant hiring. It can also be expensive, especially if the organisation plans to have a small number of employees in the new location.

Here, the utilisation of a PEO makes perfect sense. The PEO will be “ready to go” on day one with all of the following employer responsibilities:

What services does a PEO offer?

Payroll Administration

Benefits Plans

Risk Management

Compensation Insurance for Workers

Cost Savings

Payroll administration

Processing payroll requires patience and precision. In addition, the business will need to comply with local payroll tax laws and accurately calculate withholdings and garnishments. If your company lacks experience in this field, there is a substantial risk of error.

How Does a Payroll Service Provider Function?

A Payroll Service Provider is responsible for businesses’ payroll processing, tax compliance, and other administrative requirements. They administer payroll and distribute employee payments according to the payment schedule established by their customers. They ensure that essential deductions like taxation and benefit premiums are deducted from employee paychecks.

How does this work?

After hiring a PSP, consumers sign an agreement specifying their monthly payment and the benefits they will get. Each client is assigned a consultant from the PSP company to address payroll-related questions and problems.

Typically, workers contact their employers with questions about their payroll and benefits, while employers contact the PSP on their behalf.

What are the benefits of outsourcing payroll solutions to a company?

  1. You can delegate it to professionals.

When you select a reputable payroll service provider, you entrust the specialists to do what they do most effectively.

With so many payroll options available, an increasing number of businesses are outsourcing their payroll operations to simplify their corporate payroll setup.

A dedicated payroll specialist is proficient in accurate payroll processing and its numerous complexities. 

As a result, you will make fewer mistakes regarding:

  1. Compensation and deductions in each country in which you operate. 
  2. Filings of state and local payroll taxes.
  3. Benefits
  4. Paid time off and any additional employer-provided benefits
  5. You can save your business from fines and violations

Laws and Rules of employee taxation for businesses differ across the world. A payroll outsourcing company has experience managing these distinctions and can reduce the likelihood of a business being audited and subject to civil penalties for payroll violations.

  1. Cost savings and the elimination of time-intensive processes

By outsourcing payroll, businesses can realise substantial savings in terms of both time and overhead expenses. It is estimated that one full-time employee is required to process payroll for 250 employees.

Processing your payroll in-house may be a significantly more expensive option than outsourcing it, depending on the pay rates prevalent in your community and the size of your company. HR services outsourcing can facilitate effective scaling for rapidly expanding small and medium-sized businesses.

  1. Safeguard your information with intelligent payroll software

The data of your employees will be protected by sophisticated systems and encryption software used by credible payroll service providers.

This is of the utmost importance, as you will be transmitting large amounts of sensitive and personal data.

Additionally, outsourcing reduces the likelihood of an internal data breach, identity theft, or embezzlement.

A common perception of outsourcing a Human Resources function is a loss of control. As the company is not responsible for day-to-day operations, it must adhere to the PEO’s procedures and deadlines.

This can be a concern for some businesses, particularly with regard to the hiring and onboarding processes, which are frequently regarded as two of the most important aspects of the employee experience as a whole.

Not only does Soundlines operate in 24+ countries around the world, but we live there as well! We strive to maintain as much control over the process as possible, so you can rest assured that your most valuable asset is always in good hands.

Security worries

Regular transmissions of sensitive data may raise security concerns regarding employees’ personal information confidentiality.

Researching the systems and security protocol of a PEO is a crucial aspect of choosing the right partner. At Soundlines, data security is of the utmost importance. Our systems and encryption software guarantee the safety of your data.

Managing liability relating to co-employment

As mentioned previously, liability is not assumed on behalf of the company in co-employer relationships. The company is still liable for employee-related expenses, such as workers’ compensation and litigation.

A business would require an Employer of Record (EOR) solution to completely eliminate liability.

Provides your PEO with adequate service?

Given that PEOs serve numerous organisations, you may not receive the personalised service you desire or anticipate. That depends entirely on the service model of the PEO. 

At Soundlines, you will always receive the personalised service you would anticipate from a business partner.

As with any business decision, examining all aspects of a proposed solution is essential to determine whether it meets your organization’s current and future needs.

Are you prepared to collaborate with a PEO?

Contact our employment outsourcing specialists as the next step

Soundlines can assist you in…

  • Quickly enter new markets
  • Streamline HR operations
  • Enhance productivity and effectiveness
  • Maintain compliance and mitigate risk
  • Ensure your payroll accuracy at all times

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