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Why Work with an Oil and Gas Global Recruitment Agency


Human Resources may be among the busiest departments in any organization. It’s the first step when it comes to workforce solutions; many HR departments manage payroll, organize training for their staff, and address any personal difficulties that workers may have, among other responsibilities. In most HR departments, recruiting is also a crucial responsibility. 

HR directors and their employees are in charge of ensuring the organization has both immediate workers and a talent pipeline for the future; hence, their responsibilities include identifying applicants and completing thorough research and compliance inspections. In any sector, this is a great deal of pressure, but human resources departments in the oil and gas industry have their job cut out for them when it comes to recruiting. 

Oil and gas firms must continually identify and mobilize top engineering talent – frequently on a short-term basis and with a rapid turnaround necessary – due to the global nature of their operations. In light of this, outsourcing part or all of this task to a specialized oil and gas recruiting firm is an obvious alternative. Like in other industries, many oil and gas business HR professionals have complicated relationships with third-party recruiters. 

The opinion among HR departments is that recruiters are costly, time-consuming, and more concentrated on volume — that is, obtaining as many individuals as possible to interview – than on finding the perfect candidate with the proper skills and cultural fit for the role. Despite this, the present state of the oil and gas business makes using third-party recruiters an urgent need. 

From 2019 forward, the oil and gas sector is predicted to have a severe skills shortfall. In fact, according to the 2019 Global Energy Index Talent (GETI) survey, an astounding 40 percent of sector professionals feel a talent crisis is already underway. Since demand exceeds supply and oil and gas firms confront a complicated global geopolitical context, engaging with recruiters to address their staffing difficulties is no longer a choice – it’s the only way for HR to develop a recruiting strategy that efficiently meets these challenges. Since demand exceeds supply and oil and gas firms confront a complicated global geopolitical context, engaging with recruiters to address their staffing difficulties is no longer a choice – it’s the only way for HR to develop a recruiting strategy that efficiently meets these challenges. 

About half of the respondents are “very” or “extremely” concerned about a talent crisis, with 28% anticipating its onset within the next five years. This leaves busy HR directors in a difficult position: how can they establish a pipeline of technical talent while still controlling the appropriateness and quality of existing candidates?

Why should you deal with a specialized oil and gas recruiting firm?

Although several HR departments have a negative image of the recruitment business – a view that may be warranted in certain instances – partnering with a good recruiting firm is still one of the best methods for them to manage their short- and long-term staffing concerns. Having a strategic recruiting partner provides several advantages to oil and gas firms. 

The ideal recruiter would comprehend the industry and the project’s particular issues. They will possess the most sought-after skills and competence, enabling HR to do several things:

  1. Minimize time and material expenditures

By partnering with a qualified oil and gas recruiter, HR directors may save time and reduce their recruiting expenditures. They will not be required to use departmental resources to join employment boards, acquire subscriptions and software licenses, etc. Their recruiting partner will already own these capabilities, allowing them to begin delivering workforce solutions immediately.

  1. Acquire superior market intelligence

This also applies to other vital recruiting tools, such as market information. It is hard to make educated recruiting choices without knowledge about market dynamics, typical salary, skill availability, etc.; not all of this information is available to the public. A strategic recruiting partner will have access to this information and more, aiding in developing successful and available skill pipelines for your organization.

  1. Verify conformity with local labor regulations

One of the greatest hiring issues for oil and gas firms is ensuring that they comply with regional labor laws and other regulatory standards in the various areas where their operations are located. Failure to do so might lead to fines and penalties, as well as reputational injury that could hinder their ability to employ in a certain place for an extended period.

Partnering with a specialized recruiting firm with prior expertise in a given area or region – and maybe a local presence – is one of the most effective and resource-efficient methods to verify that all hiring choices are compliant.

  1. Establish the employment brand in new geographies

Similarly, a professional oil and gas recruiter who is well-established in a particular location may assist HR departments in establishing an employer brand when one may not exist. A customized marketing approach may raise awareness and attract local and expatriate talent to vacant opportunities in a certain region.


Soundlines specializes in Global Human Resource Management and can manage the intricacies of essential procedures that usually absorb the time and attention of leaders, enabling you to devote your energy and funds toward long-term objectives and, most significantly, your employees.

If you are interested in learning more about how your company can join your industry’s global hiring trend in your industry. In that case, we invite you to contact us for more information about hiring international team members through a global employment company.

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