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HR Administration Company in Jeddah
HR Policies, Employee Guidance/Planning/Termination, Employee Data Maintenance

An HR administrator is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the human resources department. They act as the go-to person for any HR questions and have comprehensive knowledge of the HR field. Additionally, they are experienced professionals who provide essential support to the HR team.

AT Soundlines human resources division manages numerous distinct responsibilities, and all of its obligations are crucial for its parent organization. As such, a role must be created that coordinates minor yet vital human resources tasks and is the primary contact for any inquiries regarding the HR department’s procedures.

Soundlines Human Resources administrator is responsible for ensuring that the HR division is accurately entering and setting up essential HR documents. This role requires a high level of knowledge in essential HR areas such as record keeping, inner and external communication, assessment and reporting, and managing logistics. As it entails a wide variety of tasks, it is important to understand more deeply the responsibilities of the role so that you can be alerted to any relevant job positions.

Work Handled at Soundlines HR Admin

  • Order and preserve personal records, enter new details, and update past employee information in interior HR databases.
  • Examine, modify, and enhance company regulations.
  • Generate multiple HR documents, such as new hire instructions, job agreements, remuneration lists, etc.
  • Help recruiters, talent acquisition teams, and other HR personnel with tasks, including initiation of new recruits.
  • As a Human Resources (HR) Representative, you will create and maintain personnel records, update internal HR databases, and review and revise company policies. 
  • You will also be tasked with preparing HR documentation, such as new hire guides, employment contracts, and compensation lists. Additionally, you will be expected to assist recruiters and other HR staff with onboarding new recruits and act as a contact point for external partners to ensure compliance with applicable laws. 
  • Prepare regular reviews and reports on HR metrics, such as attrition rates, maintenance rates, and more.
  • Organize all travel bookings and manage expense forms by liaising between departments.
  • Assist the payroll section by giving them up-to-date information on every employee, counting sick days, leaves of absence, extra hours, timetables, and more.
  • Play an active role in HR projects, for instance, job fairs, recruitment rounds, and more.
  • Control and run the HRIS software of the organization, and confirm it is current.
  • Help the HR manager in overseeing and administrating the HR budget.
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