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Area of specialization
Integrated HR solutions for an expanding workforce.

Our comprehensive HR Solutions are designed to anticipate your needs, allowing you to stay ahead of every obstacle. Soundlines has its office presence in more than twenty-four countries to facilitate the recruitment process for employers and candidates. Being close to key recruitment locations gives us the access to many qualified candidates. Soundlines provides organisations with access to its global experience while maintaining a local presence.

Explore our offerings and discover how our services simplify the complicated.

Hiring / Sourcing

Our global talent acquisition specialists help you hire qualified candidates in the stipulated time frame, no matter how niche the role is.

Visa Processing

Our global mobility services simplify immigration by considering all immigration requirements when deploying a workforce.

Business Setup Expertise

We hold expertise in crafting expansion strategies for businesses in the gulf to support your company with manpower & other business needs.

HR Solutions

We offer complete HR solutions, including RPO, professional staffing, and organised labour supply backed by decades of experience.

Trade & Testing center

Thanks to our extensive network of in-house testing and training centres, every candidate you hire will be qualified & certified to perform their respective job titles.

24/7 Service Support

Swift response and transparent communication with our clients ensures a seamless after-sales experience while maximising their workforce plans.
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